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Program Overview
Standard Payout Schedule
Outlined below is some general information about our Standard Payout Schedule. Start sending your sign ups to our Standard Per Sign Up Program today and see if you can qualify for our higher payouts.
Payout Thresholds
Payout Per Sign Up
1 - 49 Sign Ups
50 - 99 Sign Ups
100+ Sign Ups
Console Free Sites
Sign Ups from the following StoriesTraffic Sites are counted towards the payout thresholds:
Payout thresholds are tracked on a pay period basis with each Webmaster account starting with a count of zero at the beginning of each pay period. In order to be eligible for a higher payout Webmasters must reach a given threshold within a pay period. There are no carryovers from pay period to pay period.
If you reach a threshold within one of our monthly pay periods then all of your sign ups will be paid out at the higher rate. It's found money!!! Start pumping up that traffic today and give yourself a raise!
Payout Information:
Payouts are made twice monthly. You will only be sent a check if your account balance is at least $50.00. Pending payments will be carried over to the next pay period until your account has accrued at least $50.00. Your first check will be sent out two weeks from the end of the pay period current when you joined. We pay you for each new member that you bring to our sites regardless of whether it is a trial membership or a full monthly membership. AND... We have a sterling reputation in the industry for ALWAYS paying on time.
Please visit our FAQ section if you have any questions about this payout schedule.

StoriesTraffic also has a 5% webmaster referral program. Send us a webmaster using your referral linking code and we'll pay you monthly referral commissions equal to 5% of all their earnings for that same period.
THANK YOU for considering the StoriesTraffic webmaster program. StoriesTraffic is known as "The Webmaster Program that Pays".
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