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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I get paid for raw or unique clicks?

A. No. StoriesTraffic is a partnership program and only pays commissions for actual sign-ups or active memberships.

Q. How much will I get paid for each member I send to your sites?

A.The Standard Payout Schedule option pays you $25-$33 per sign up based on a payout threshold model. To view the payout threshold model click here.

Q. Does StoriesTraffic have a Webmaster referral program?

A. Yes, we pay referral commissions of 5%

Q. Where can I find my Webmaster Referral Link?

A. Login to and view TOOLS. Then select "Link Codes". If you need further assitance click on the Support tab.

Q. Are there ever any deductions?

A. We pay you for every Credit Card sign-up made through your account. You are paid for every valid ACH/check sign-up. Non-valid ACH/check sign-ups will be deducted.

Q. What's the minimum payout?

A. $50

Q. Do I need more than one StoriesTraffic account if I have multiple websites?

A. No, you only need one StoriesTraffic account. StoriesTraffic allows you to track sign-ups from all of your sites using our advanced reporting features. You can even create sub accounts if you wish to track your revenue separately for certain sites or groups of sites.

Q. When will I get paid?

A. Payouts are sent every two weeks for the pay period ending 2 weeks prior. There is a 2 week hold on the first check. If you join the program on the 5th and generate sales during that payperiod ending on the 14th, you will be paid for those earnings 2 weeks after the pay period ends. After that point you will receive a check every 2 weeks. Should you need any administrative changes to your account, please send us that information within the middle of a pay period so as not to cause even the slightest delay in getting your revenue to you.

Q. Do I need more than one StoriesTraffic account to promote the different sites offered by StoriesTraffic?

A. No, all you need to do is sign up for one StoriesTraffic account, and the linking information for all of our sites will appear in your stats area.

Q. Do I need to sign up for multiple accounts if I have multiple links/banners/pages etc...?

A. No. Use the same code for all your links and banners.

Q. What's my linking code?

A. Login to and view TOOLS. Then select "Link Codes". If you need further assitance click on the Support tab. If you have not signed up then Click HERE to sign up for the program. Once you have succesfully registered as an affiliate with our program you will be able to Login and see your stats and view your linking codes.

Q. How do I change my password or other account information?

A. Click HERE, go to MY ACCOUNT and submit your changes. The new password will take effect immediately. You must be logged in to make this or any modification to your account.

Q. I have a question not answered here. How can I contact you?

A. Click HERE, and send us an email with your question or comment. We will reply ASAP.